White Shark Sets out to Resolve Customer Complaints

White Shark Media is a Digital Marketing Agency that delivers online marketing solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. They are also part of the Google AdWords Certified Partner program. Despite all of White Shark Media’s claims to help thousands of businesses grow, there has been several complaints from its users.

White Shark Media has acknowledged it’s biggest costumer complaints on its own official website and resolved each one of them separately. One of the biggest complaints from customers was that people do not feel as if the communication is good enough. Many customers found it hard to get in touch with White Shark when needed.

To resolve this issue, White Shark has implemented scheduled monthly status calls using GoToMeeting. GoToMeeting is an online conference tool which allows you both to share a screen so that the client can see exactly what you are doing. Another solution they have added is phone systems with direct extensions. White Shark sends each client their own contact person and they are able to contact that person directly. This ensures that the person that is helping each client knows what they are doing because they were assigned to that client at the very beginning.

In order to grow, a company must change. A big complaint was that customers felt as if their old campaigns were performing better than the new campaigns created. White Shark explained that when clients come in, they must develop a better performing campaign within a couple months. White Shark has made changes to ensure the continuing success of their clients.

According to BBB.org, one resolution that White Shark Media has given to this issue is experienced supervisors who provide feedback on campaign performance. The company has also stated that they do not have to reinvent the campaign for every single client, as long as you have a well-performing campaign then no changes will have to be made.

A large amount of clients complained that that they were losing touch with their AdWords campaigns. The reporting procedures set up were not sufficient enough to let small business’ owners review reports or let them know what was going on. To overcome this problem, White Shark now makes sure that every single client is thoroughly given an explanation of the in and outs of their new campaigns.

This provides them with teh knowledge of their campaign before it starts and makes it much more simple if they want to see the performance of a specific keyword or ad. With all of these changes being made, White Shark customers can be sure that their complaints are being heard and taken into consideration.

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Raj Fernando, Talented And Committed Financial Trader

Raj K. Fernando is an expert in international financial marketing. In 2002, he founded Chopper Trading a company that trades in local and international markets. It has its presence in markets such as Nasdaq, CBOT, NYSE, CME, Eurex and LSE. Raj Fernando and Chopper recruiters are devoted to the interview process during recruitment which has enabled the company to have zero employee turnover. The interview process is lengthy as the firm desire career seekers and not job hunters, it goes beyond the resume. The candidates should not only fit the firm, but the firm also fits the individuals. The candidates interact with different employees who get to know them and offer their opinions about the candidate after understanding their demeanor, which leads to a proper identification of their personality.

The candidates have to portray a good picture of the company so that they can attract the right crowd. A lot of time is spent with candidates so that they are better known, and it also shows the companies’ and the applicant’s commitment. The trading requires technical skills as well as personality traits. Fernando looks out for math competence while programmers, traders and recruiters seek other qualifications and attributes. The candidate should understand the financial market and be a person who will retire from the company.

As the CEO of Chopper Trading, Fernando is involved in risk management, trading, communication, monitoring and security systems in the financial market. Before Chopper Trading, he held various positions in Chicago Board of Trade. The Hinsdale High School alumnus was a trader at Chicago Mercantile Exchange. He has ten years experience in leading cyber security initiatives, and he recently founded Scoutahead.com. The new company is an internet startup that seeks to deliver trustworthy information to individuals and corporations so that they can increase productivity.

Fernando is a philanthropist who has supported different organizations such as Cedars-Sinai Medical Centre, Steppenwolf Theatre, Illinois Holocaust Museum, Big Brother Big Sister of Chicago, and Wounded Warriors. He also supports political initiatives such as fundraising for Democratic candidates that include President Barack Obama. The Economic and History graduate has raised money for William J. Clinton Foundation and Women Count. He previously was on International Security Advisory Board that advised the then secretary of state. Fernando serves on Brookings Institute’s Foreign Policy Leadership Committee and Chicago Council on Global Affairs. He is a member and on the board of trustees of Chicago Symphony Orchestra, American Security Projects and PAWS Chicago.

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Talk Fusion Honored with Communications Product Award

When it comes to online marketing platforms, Talk Fusion has become a popular choice. Known for its video marketing plans, the company continues to grow and rake in accolades.

The latest honor for the company is the 2016 Communication Solutions Product of the Year Award from the Technology Marketing Corporation in recognition for Talk Fusion’s Video Chat product.

The video chat allows anybody to connect with other people face-to-face on any integrated device, be it a smartphone, desktop computer, or a tablet. Thanks to the WebRTC technology, the Talk Fusion Video Chat can be utilized across multiple media platforms.

Talk Fusion has generally delivered on the topic of an all-in-one marketing solution that can address both business and personal needs of clients. The application allows people to stay in touch with families or conduct online business meetings from almost any personal device.

The company also are starting free trials of its WebRTC Recorder and is launching its own pay site http://www.talkfusioninstantpay.com/. The marketing company continues to churn out new global online products to better serve its customers.

Founded in 2007 by Bob Reina, a marketing industry veteran of over 20 years, Talk Fusion is designed to help businesses get better access across the global spectrum. By the use of video, Talk Fusion is helping its clients stay in touch with various business needs through digital products.

Among the products that Talk Fusion has produced in recent years are a video e-mail to allow clients to conduct meetings and interviews from home, a mobile app to allow for video messaging on smartphones, the creation of business newsletters for its clients, personal video walls and blogs, and automatic responses to videos.

Talk Fusion is a multi-level marketing company, so its associates receives commission by spreading the word about all the company products to others. However, potential new customers can take a 30-day free trial to see if Talk Fusion’s products and services can aid their respective businesses.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho: A Prolific Brazilian Lawyer

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is a Brazilian lawyer who has helped to bring the firm of Leite, Tosto and Barros shoulder-to-shoulder with the best of Brazil’s firms in no small part to the frequency of his involvement in cases that drew the nation’s attention and helped to influence economic policy. Tosto’s area of legal expertise is directed toward business law, including regaining credit, contract law, bankruptcies, reviewing the assets gained from an acquisition and corporate restructuring. The firm also works within the fields of international and electoral law. Tosto has encouraged the members of his firm to seek out the good fight, sometimes taking a direct approach in guiding new trainees, and this motivation has brought him to the defense of all manner of clients.

One of the most notable features of Tosto’s law firm, especially as other firms have discontinued pursuing them, is its dedication to mass action lawsuits. The law firm of Leite, Tosto and Barros has also been involved in the environmental court cases that have occasionally popped up in Brazil’s legal system. Anyone interested in seeking representation from Tosto’s firm should send the relevant correspondence to their head office in São Paulo or one of their branch offices in Brasilia or Rio de Janeiro.

Ricardo Tosto made partner with the law firm of Leite, Tosto and Barros in April of 1991. His academic credits include a Bachelor’s in Law from Mackenzie Presbyterian and a degree in Business Administration from the Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation. In addition to his native Portuguese, Tosto is fluent in English.

The Law Compliance Officer; Morrison

Complying with the legal requirements is crucial in every business undertaking. In as far as we view it as being a little heard, it doesn’t hurt and it sure yields fruits, I for one enjoy a peace of mind. I never have to be on the lookout for law enforcers or worry that all my assets will be confiscated to pay piled up charges. However some have to be followed, and that what gives other people their livelihood; seeking justice for others, let’s take, the Hall capital compliance officer for instance.

Officer Helane Morrison is well known and competent in enforcing his role in the corporate world. She is keen and lets nothing way her down in the quest to get justice and seek the truth hidden behind the scenes and exposing everyone for the shareholders to see all their investments yield, more so where they have been conned for corporates to get money or evade taxes among other corporate irregularities. Having graduated with law, Morrison is keen to put into practice whatever she learned but at the same time, offering justice to all.

Being the chief compliance officer, Morrison has a dedicated team of experts that work alongside her to help those that lost faith in the financial industry, finally get to trust it again and also be able to invest in stocks not only for the economic benefit of the country but that of the individual investors as well. Before joining Hall capital, Morrison headed the San Francisco office of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, and during this time she worked to ensure that corporates comply with regulations set, as well as enforcement of securities. Her hard work has always paid as from then she has since risen higher in rank and also to see a better future for all stakeholders in the corporate world.

Be on the right side and you will see no one coming after you. All that is required is compliance with every law that governs the business undertaking you have at the time. This will keep compliance officers off your doorsteps, and you have a peace of mind conducting business. It doesn’t hurt to be good, but rather it pays to comply with the set regulations. The financial sector is also an appropriate place for investment, consult the right investment bankers and they sure will give you proper guidance on the way to go.

VTA Publications Give You The Results That Work Best For You

Do you want to revolutionize the way that you make money? There are a lot of ways for you to build your financial future with VTA Publications. Jim Hunt is a proud financial strategist that will give you the results that you need for a fraction of the cost of other courses. Hunt says that a lot of people fail to live out their dreams because they don’t listen or surround themselves with the right people. It is important to have strong people around you that will help pioneer your dreams. You can take the first step to your financial freedom for a fraction of the cost of similar courses that don’t offer the same results.

VTA Publications is a online course that offers its customers tuition assistance when they can’t pay the full price for the course. They offer real solutions on how to make money and build your financial portfolio for beginners and financial gurus alike. You don’t have to build your future with results that don’t want when you can use VTA Publications and get the money that you need to buy a new home, a car, save money, or a boat. Don’t miss out on their secrets to biblical wealth that help you get your money back a hundred fold. Get the attention that you need from the VTA course with personalized attention, cds, and tutorials. You will be glad that you took your finances into your own hands.

Jim Hunt says that your naysayers can hinder your financial future by bot being supportive. If you want to grow your finances you should surround yourself with people that are going to invest in your future and help pioneer the results that you see for your future. VTA Publications has been around for over a decade helping people make real money. You have the opportunity to take your financial future to the next level. If you’re interested in VTA Publications you are invited to visit their easy to read and navigate website for more details today. Give VTA Publications a call for in formation on your financial future.

Reasons Why Women Love Wen by Chaz Dean Hair Care Products

Do you have hair that needs a lot of work to style and maintain? There are many products which people use on their hair and the results are disappointing. If you are one of those people, you should consider trying the WEN hair by Chaz Dean hair care products and see the difference which it will bring to your life and hair journey. If you have seen their infomercials online, you will notice the kind of hair the gorgeous women have on those advertisements. The truth of the matter is that you too, can have such healthy and bouncy hair. Here are some of the reasons why women love Wen by Chaz Dean products.

For starters, the hair products are manufactured with all the love. They come in cute packages an they contain all you need to make your hair look and feel healthy. They have a line of hair shampoo, conditioners and treatments. It is advisable that you buy and use the products together so as to get the best results. Anyone who uses the products will tell you that their hair feels and looks different after every wash and styling.

There are some people who are worried that the amount specified for every application of the shampoo or the conditioner is too much. However, the reality is that the specifications are alright and the other beauty of using the products in that amount is that you will not experience greasy or oil build-up on your hair and scalp. On the contrary, Wen hair will make sure that your scalp stays moisturized at all times and that the pores are allowed to breath at all times.

With Wen by Chaz Dean products, your hair is not in the danger of breaking when you wash it too. All you have to do is follow the instructions and you will enjoy good hair days. Wen hair products are Sephora available. It can also be ordered through the Amazon online store.

For more info, visit the website http://www.wenhaircare.com/.

How Adam Goldenberg Improved Customer Service Despite Rapid Growth of JustFab Inc.

When JustFab experienced rapid growth, customer service became a priority in defining its objective in the e-commerce fashion membership community. Adam Goldenberg, Co-Chief Executive Officer believes customer service at JustFab Inc. is the “CEO” and defining its objective was next on the list to reduce complaints by valued customers. One of the main complaints involving customers was transparency of the membership subscription program and monthly fees. Mr. Adam Goldenberg and the JustFab team improved customer service by quickly addressing complaints and resolving issues. JustFab continues to work on other solutions, including an alternative cancelation option.

JustFab has improved transparency of the guidelines for joining the subscription & VIP membership program and cancelation. Most of the complaints were involving signing up as a member and only one way to cancel membership. Some customers claim they didn’t know they were joining a subscription program. They were frustrated with the cancelation requirement by phone only. Adam Goldenberg is working with the JustFab team to develop an online cancelation option, which will take time to create.

Mr. Goldenberg hired a third party auditor to review its existing customer service system. The audit showed that the voice answer rate was 99 percent and the calls answered in 30 seconds or less rate was 90 percent, the end of 2016 First Quarter on Built In LA. JustFab has more than 1,000 representatives who provide 24-hour support, seven-days a week. The audit report also revealed 29 percent of its unsatisfied customers remained as VIP members willingly after the program was explained thoroughly by customer service support reps. The call length time has been reduced to less than five minutes and the average waiting time is reduced to 19 seconds.

Adam Goldenberg career began when was a teen, which made him the youngest business owner to hold an executive position as Chief Operating Officer. He was responsible for building a website and information technology support for an accounting firm in St. Louis, MO. Mr. Goldenberg and partner, Don Ressler established JustFab Corporation, in 2010. The fashion e-commerce company oversees six brands, including JustFab, FL2, Shoe Dazzle, Fabletics, Fabkids, and P.S. P.S. was launched in December 2015 and is the latest brand offered by JustFab Inc at http://www.fabletics.com/about.

Improvements to customer service will benefit shoppers of all JustFab Inc.’s brands. Transparency of VIP membership options are posted clearly on the website for each online store. The 2016 first quarter customer service audit report confirms Adam Goldenberg accomplishments of improving customer service and plans to offer an online cancelation option.

Terry Baltes and the Real Estate Industry

Services that were once offered at a premium are now available to all guests in most hotels. Despite perks such special bed linens, Wi-Fi, and breakfast on the house, customer satisfaction appears to have plateaued. The conclusion has been reached after North America Hotel Guest Satisfaction Index conducted a study.
It is the twentieth such study in many years. The study measures guest satisfaction in eight segments. The satisfaction level of each customer is estimated using a thousand-point scale. The study did note a 2-point increase in satisfaction. However, it is quite tiny compared to studies in previous years. For instance, cost satisfaction rose by 25 points in the previous year’s study. In the study for this year, that has only gone up by one point.
Most segments have remained nearly flat. However, the luxury segment saw a 12-point increase. The rise was mostly because of a 20-point rise in fee and cost satisfaction. Although it is the most expensive segment, the hotels have been able to give their customers more value. It was also interesting that satisfaction was higher in members of hotel reward programs. However, older generations are more likely to be members of reward programs such as Generation Y.
About Terry Baltes
Terry Baltes is the owner of Baltes Commercial Realty. A company he founded five years after graduating from college. He graduated from Ohio State University with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing, Finance, and Real Estate.
Since its founding, the company has been run on the principle of personalized customer relations. As a result, the company has an impressive database of its customers. The company has made sales of over three billion dollars in the 36 years since its founding. The company’s main area of operation is Dayton, Ohio. However, it does serve most of the other regions in Ohio. Outside the state, the company deals in properties mostly in the Midwestern states. However, the company does have some real estate listed in states as far as Louisiana and West Virginia.
Baltes is the personification of hard work and commitment. He is a good example if one stays committed to a course. Baltes is proud of what he has achieved. He views his company, which he started from scratch with a lot of pride and admiration.

Kenneth Goodgame: An Effective Leader to Move True Value Forward

True Value Co. has been in business for decades, as it was founded back in 1948 in Chicago. It has served its growing communities and gathered more support and clients. The company now has over 5,000 individual retail locations around the world that operate and are owned by the operators themselves. This is a system that has definitely been an effective way of growing the company, but the system needs to be reworked for a new generation of shoppers, which is why Kenneth Goodgame is involved.

Ken Goodgame has been brought in as a new executive, though he is just one out of three. Still, there is no denying that Goodgame’s addition is definitely causing a bit of a stir since he comes with a lot of experience. Ken was a former ACE executive, which granted him the experience to reconstruct True Value Co. in an effective way.

This inventive business man has been looking for a challenge that ACE was no longer providing. He wanted to make a meaningful impact and shape the next big store in hardware supplies, but there were no places he could turn to until he got wind of True Value Co.

Ken has demonstrated his incredible leadership skills and the right know-how to work for a hardware store such as True Value Co. He has pushed for more sales, even in this economy. He managed his team and helped them become more effective at marketing to more groups than expected, including millennials. Retail has definitely suffered a surge of competition with so many online stores opening up and offering services online, but that does not mean that a retailer just gives up but rather adapts to the change.

Goodgame is known to be an effective marketing expert, which shows with some of his success. He is also experienced in both direct and indirect sales, not to mention his impeccable merchandising skills. It is clear to see why True Value Co. sought out the opportunity to have a man of his caliber lead their team. It was a match right from the start.

Goodgame was hired to be both the senior VP and the chief merchandiser officer for True Value Co. In essence, he was hired to replace one of the previous leaders of the company Mike Clark, who decided he served long enough and announced his retirement. Ken was joined by a few others who are qualified to help Goodgame lead the True Value family in a new and bold direction.

The partnership between Ken Goodgame and True Value Co is one that many who are interested in the business are going to pay attention to.